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This Week in Social Media News

This Week in Social Media News (October 21-27)

Welcome to our new weekly social media news roundup! We feature new announcements in social media, and tell you what it means for real estate agents focused on getting a higher ROI on their digital investment.

5 Ways to Have the Best Social Media in the Real Estate Game

Real estate is a highly social profession, but often agents don’t realize that social media should be an extension of their charismatic IRL selves. A skillful and expertly curated social media presence is just as important to your brand as a great website. According to Hubspot’s Social Benchmarks Report, real estate agents post on social media at the highest volume of any industry, but are the least effective in terms of engagement. The gist? You may be posting too much, and not very well.

Top 3 Real Estate Digital Marketing Mistakes

There’s nothing cooler than a retro, analog real estate agent, right? High-tech is out, vintage and device-free is in, right? Wrong, so so wrong. Just ask KAPOGI – a broker on the ground, a.k.a Reddit a.k.a “the front page of the Internet.” He writes: “an agent that is shying away from tech should be a bit of a warning sign…Agents who don’t use electronic signatures, online document management and all the other tools are falling behind. Very quickly.” Insisting that clients jump through hoops so that you can keep using outdated technology implies you’re not serious about your work. Ignoring the benefits of being tech savvy, KAPOGI notes, “is pure laziness on an agent’s part.”

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