There’s nothing cooler than a retro, analog real estate agent, right? High-tech is out, vintage and device-free is in, right? Wrong, so so wrong. Just ask KAPOGI – a broker on the ground, a.k.a Reddit a.k.a “the front page of the Internet.” He writes: “an agent that is shying away from tech should be a bit of a warning sign…Agents who don’t use electronic signatures, online document management and all the other tools are falling behind. Very quickly.” Insisting that clients jump through hoops so that you can keep using outdated technology implies you’re not serious about your work. Ignoring the benefits of being tech savvy, KAPOGI notes, “is pure laziness on an agent’s part.”

So with that drumroll from KAPOGI, we’ve decided to let you in on three of our most guarded digital real estate marketing secrets. Even now, we’re trying to remember why we thought it would be a good idea to tell you…Check it out, before we change our minds.

1) Disregarding the Importance of Mobile

Did you know that 56% of the time Canadians spend on the Internet is via their mobile devices (comScore 2014)?

But of course, not you, right? Designing an effective and visually sophisticated mobile interface for your website is equally as important as the one accessed through a desktop browser. And it is even more important if you are driving traffic to your website via social media, as a whopping 80% of social media time is now spent on mobile devices according to comScore’s 2016 U.S. Cross-Platform Future in Focus. Use tools like Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test Tool to make sure your website looks just as good on a phone as on a laptop.

Mobile Test Tool

2) Not Including a Call to Action (CTA)

If you want your audience to do more than scroll past your post (or stare at it in confusion), you need to have a Call to Action (CTA). A CTA is a button or link that sends your visitors straight to where you want them to go, so they can do what you want them to do. It’s important to have only one CTA, so that it’s really clear exactly where to click. Multiple CTAs on one page as well as links to other pages will only confuse everyone. There are few things more frustrating for a visitor (and destructive to conversions) than trying to respond to advertising but not knowing how.

Remove the distractions and you’ll see conversion rates skyrocket.

3) Not A/B Testing

This applies to anything from copy on landing pages to Facebook ads to email newsletters. This can be hard to wrap your head around when you’ve been taught to confidently sell a single idea or concept.

Let them tell you which approach they prefer – test, test test! As our clients know, we are big fans of Unbounce. One of the primary reasons is not only do they easily enable you to manage different split tests, but they also let you control the traffic flow to each. You might run three or four different landing pages against one another. Once you’ve got enough data, pick the winner (what Unbounce calls a ‘Champion’) based on conversions and shift 100% of the weight to it. Agents who ignore the value of A/B testing never learn the crucial difference between what works and what works even better. And yeah, we know it takes a bit more work. No one said marketing was a walk in the park.AdStage


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