This Week in Social Media News (October 21-27)

Welcome to our new weekly social media news roundup! We feature new announcements in social media, and tell you what it means for real estate agents focused on getting a higher ROI on their digital investment.

#1. Twitter’s Big Promises Yield Some Results

We’ve been waiting around for a while as Twitter slowly loosens up its classic 140 character limit as part of its #Beyond140 movement.

This is great news for real estate marketing because you will soon be able to mention many accounts in your posts without sacrificing content. Up until now, Twitter has yet to be proven as a good lead generation tool for real estate agents reaching consumers. Hopefully this will move the needle a hair. Tweet on!

#2. Vine is Pronounced Dead

Back in 2013, Katie Lance (@katielance) wrote a great article for Inman on how real estate agents can use Vine as a marketing tool. 3 years later, it seems the video app (owned by Twitter) has had its fifteen minutes of fame and will soon be but a mythic figment of our social media memories. It doesn’t seem as though many agents used Vine, anyway. Will you miss it? We’ve written about the best ways to use video in social media marketing, and Vine wasn’t on our list. We’ve found that in 2016, quick, impermanent video apps like Snapchat and the Stories feature on Instagram are more effective tools that reach a wider audience. Given that Snapchat is on the verge of raising $4B with its impending IPO, Twitter likely saw the writing on the wall.

#3. Facebook Live is Going Prime Time

Facebook is launching a massive ad campaign for Facebook Live in the U.K. and the U.S. that encourages users to “stream everyday life.” The hope is that more and more people will start using Facebook Live in the same way they use Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Video, it seems, is the new selfie. We’ve noted before that Facebook Live is a great tool for agents to use for open houses, for example. Expect that as more people jump on the Live bandwagon, FB will start offering it too as an ad unit to gain the kind of exposure you got in the early days.

#4. Whatsapp Gets Video Calling (But Only For Android)

You can now video chat with your Whatsapp contacts (if you have an Android device), in a move by the company to encompass all modes of communication. This suggests that soon enough iOS users will also be able to have video calls through Whatsapp. As messaging apps quickly overtake phone calls and IRL meetings, we suspect real estate agents will be some of the first users to give it a try, particularly for walking clients through listings. We know a number of agents who are already big fans of communicating with clients via the app. Now they will get to show their pretty faces and homes.

#5. Facebook Wants to be Your New Bank

Facebook Messenger and Paypal have teamed up to help the world move towards cash irrelevancy and (inevitable) Facebook world domination. Messenger will soon be a gateway through which payments via Paypal are conducted. What this means for real estate is that Agents will be able to utilize FB messenger as a way to give out payments such as referral fees (right after their Facebook Live open house!), or even show how tech savvy they are by buying a celebratory beer for their client via Facebook.

#6. Slack and Facebook Workplace Face Off

While workplace messaging app Slack is beloved by office workers (including our team here at Two by Fore Interactive), new FB feature Workplace (a workplace communication app similar to Slack) threatens to catch up with – and overtake – Slack by targeting a different kind of working market. We know many real estate brokerages and teams are just now starting to consider Slack, so Facebook may be swooping in at the nick of real estate time.

Did we miss a critical piece of social media news? If so, write us on Twitter or Messenger.

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