This Week in Social Media News (October 28 – November 3)

Welcome back to our new weekly social media news roundup! We feature new announcements in social media, and tell you what it means for real estate agents focused on getting a higher ROI on their digital investment.

#1. Instagram Hops on the E-Commerce Bandwagon

Instagram just started letting brands test out selling products directly through posts through its new feature Shop Now. Casual scrollers and active buyers alike will be able to buy products in only 4 clicks – without every leaving the Instagram app. If everything goes according to plan, eventually brands will be able to pay Instagram to use this feature, in a similar way to how they now pay for ad time on Facebook and Instagram, among other apps. We’re looking forward to seeing how this pans out for real estate. Maybe if agents advertise well enough, they’ll start getting offers on houses through the app.

#2. Real Estate Canvas Goes Live

Not to toot our own horn or anything, but Two by Fore Interactive just launched the first ever Canvas real estate listing (that we know of). We love new features (can you tell?) and Facebook Canvas felt like it was built for listings. We’re currently running a promotion on the feature: we’ll make your listing an expertly designed custom Canvas for only $99. That’s $300 in savings. Curious? Click here for our promotion landing page, we’ll tell you all about it.

#3. Facebook Gets Snapchat-esque Features

There’s some kind of cannibalistic thing going on with all of these apps. All of them want to be doing everything, so they just copy one another every time something new comes around. This seems to be the case with Facebook’s new feature, at least. FB is currently testing out a feature that lets users record videos and take selfies with filters and masks and all the other Snapchat paraphernalia, and then share it to their News Feed. Like Snapchat, it’s temporary – whatever you post disappears after 24 hours. Like Facebook Live, FB’s new feature will allow agents to do live open-houses, and showcase a more candid version of themselves.

#4. Vine Returns From the Dead to Start Hype

The same, but different. The founders of Vine didn’t take long to get back up after all of last week’s hubbub about them being over. The founders – Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll – recently launched Hype. Hype is basically the social media love-child of Periscope and Facebook Live: a playful, interactive live-streaming app. Agents can use Hype to demonstrate a more casual and personable side of themselves.

#5. Snap Inc. (formerly known as Snapchat) Ups the Google Glass Ante

If you’ve watched the Netflix series Black Mirror, then you’ll shiver with a unique combination of dread and excitement when you learn about this this sci-fi life-recording feature. It’s not quite eye-implants, but it’s still pretty wild. “Spectacles” are Snap Inc.’s version of google glass – but cheaper and therefore more accessible to a much wider range of people. You’ll be able to press a button on the side of these glasses and record what you see: then publish it for the world (your followers) to see. We’ve talked about using features like Facebook Live and Snapchat for real estate before, but this will be on a whole other level.

#6. Facebook is the next Harvard (jk)

It’s way cheaper than Harvard. In fact, it’s free. 

Journalists will be able to take courses through Facebook Blueprint (the site’s “global training program”) and learn how to best use Facebook for journalistic purposes. These online courses are informative for anyone interested in leveraging Facebook’s massive audience and various features to reach as many people as possible. That means you, real estate bloggers and social media news know-it-alls!

#7. Twitter Finally Lets ChatBots do the Talking

Twitter has just started offering customer service direct message (DM) chatbots. This will make it way easier to send out custom automated messages to customers. DM chatbots will cut down on the stress of leaving messages unreplied, or wanting to set up a witty automated follower message like Leigh Thomas Brown’s. Agents will be able to grow their social media following and presence by sending custom automated messages to new followers, while still maintaining an air of personability.

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