This Week in Social Media News (November 18 – 25)

Welcome back to our new weekly social media news roundup! We feature new announcements in social media, and tell you what it means for real estate agents focused on getting a higher ROI on their digital investment.

This week we look at how Facebook wants to help you sell lots of different things at once (and raise money for charities), Instagram’s foray into Live video, Twitter’s new QR codes, and Snapchat’s latest: geofilters.

1. Facebook Tests Multi-product News Feed Ads

Facebook is currently testing multi-product news feed ads. What this means, exactly, is that FB users (a.k.a. everyone) will now be faced with ads on their news feeds for several different products in the same ad block. It’s set up as such: there’s a primary image or video relating to products displayed underneath. Users click on the ad and then are taken to a second page within Facebook that shows even more products. A click on one of those images seals the deal by taking the visitor to the website or landing page to convert.

We see this working really well for real estate in the near future. For example, imagine an ad block that shows several of your listings within the same neighbourhood. The prospect clicks through to see even more about the listing that caught their eye, and from there is guided to an elegantly designed listing landing page (like ours) to schedule a viewing or attend an open house. In other words, you get to cast a wider net with each ad, but still get the lead conversions – a win-win.

2. Instagram Launches Live Video on Stories

Instagram wants to be Live, too. This week the App launched Instagram Live, a feature that lets you broadcast live video to your followers, which then disappears when you stop recording. This means that the video experience is “completely ephemeral… no replays.” So, will Instagram Live be a more valuable tool to real estate agents than Facebook Live? Doubtful.
Since Instagram Live only works in real time, you’d need a lot of people to tune in, which will require both the marketing chops to promote the event as well as a sizable follower base to start with. Otherwise, your live broadcast on Instagram becomes a bit of a “tree falls in a forest and nobody’s around to hear it” situation. With Facebook Live, you get to have the cake and eat it too – a real time broadcast that engages audiences, and an archived recording on your business page. Instagram Live gives you cake, but you can’t eat it.

3. Facebook Wants to Help You Raise More for Charity

So basically Facebook is becoming like one of those televised telethons from back in the day. Kidding. But seriously, [this could be a great tool for agents who are experimenting with FB Live already, and want to do more interesting marketing around charities they support.] For example, our client Bruno Bezjak is always thinking of new ways to support charities that are particularly close to his heart, and it has paid off significantly for both parties. We’re looking forward to using FB Live to enhance the way our clients (like Bruno and perhaps you?) involve their communities in giving back to the charities they care about.

4. Snapchat’s Geofilters Look Good for Agents

Snapchat just introduced Geofilters through Foursquare. In simple terms, geofilters let users overlay images or videos on top of a location. Similarly to what we think of Facebook Canvas,

Use a geofilter to tag someone’s next home, to advertise your neighbourhood, or even just to point out the best local cafes and shopping spots. And given how many agents use neighbourhood marketing to show their local expertise to clients, these new geofilters are a branding no-brainer.

5. Twitter Launches Profile QR Codes

QR codes, for the uninitiated, are those little black and white squares that you can scan with your phone that you’ve seen everywhere and didn’t know what to call. Twitter wants you to have a personal QR code – like on Snapchat – with a profile image in the center, so you can easily promote your account or follow more Twitter users. The question for real estate is: should agents be putting their Twitter QR code on their business cards? We think not. In fact, we don’t advocate for the use of Twitter as a lead generation platform because the fact is, Twitter’s ROI isn’t so hot. So stick to your traditional business cards (name, number, website link) and leave the Twitter QR codes to the fashion bloggers.

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