This Week in Social Media News (November 25 – December 2)

Welcome back to our new weekly social media news roundup! We feature new announcements in social media and clever advertising, and tell you what it means for real estate agents focused on getting a higher ROI on their digital investment.

This week we look at Facebook’s new Pages layout and data exaggerations, Twitter becoming more of a popularity contest, Yahoo going mobile, the latest in interactive advertising and a brand new blogging platform.

1. Twitter is Ranking How Good a Conversationalist You Are

Here’s something that happened on mobile this week: Twitter just introduced a new reply ranking system to the app on your phone. Given that nobody really uses Twitter on their desktop, this makes sense. And given that this has been a desktop feature of the social media site since last year, it’s about time! The change consists of an algorithmic ranking of tweets within conversations depending on who’s following who, and whether the original tweeter replied or not. What this means is that more “popular” replies end up higher up/more prominent than less popular ones. The gist for real estate agents is that tweeting to no one in particular just ain’t going to cut it. Getting replies to your tweets is now more important than ever.

2. Facebook Analytics Admits to Exaggerating Your Metrics

Facebook Analytics seems not to be as trustworthy as previously believed. The mega corporation recently reported errors in the data it gives to advertisers, specifically the measurements advertisers use to judge the success of their Facebook ad campaigns. Facebook claims it overstated the reach of Instant Articles and Pages, in addition to metrics on how many ad to app referrals took place.

Media industry analyst Brian Wieser notes that this revelation is particularly confounding because “Facebook is supposed to be the best of the best, the cream of the crop, with advertisers spending good money with them.” As a data-based marketing company, it concerns us greatly to hear about data being altered by such a massive marketing platform. As much as we want to (and do) see great lead and conversion rates for our clients, we want them to be real, not Facebook-inflated. For real estate professionals, it’s important that you work with marketing agencies that you trust, and that operate on a foundation of transparency when it comes to data and metrics. Let’s all hope Facebook is really cleaning up its act.

3. Shell – The Unlikely Pioneer of Snapchat Ads

Shell’s music video #makethefuture, a cover of American Author’s “The Best Day of My Life” just got reformatted for Snapchat in a really interactive way. The video is a collaboration between Shell and Interlude (now called Eko). The video features six musicians: Jennifer Hudson, Luan Santana, Pixie Lott, Steve Aoki, Tan Weiwei and Yemi Alade, and Snapchat users can switch between the artists singing the song while they are singing it. Additionally, users can tap the screen while the video plays to engage animated elements in the video, which are related to Shell’s alternative energy ideas such as recycled coffee beans, windmills on busy roads and gravity-generated off-grid electricity.

We love Canvas for this. Advertising at it’s best is glossy, inventive and interactive. Formatting an ad campaign specifically for a prominent social media app would be an excellent way for a brokerage to reach the crucial demographic of digitally savvy millennials.

4. Ask Yahoo Your Most Important Questions via Your Phone

Remember Yahoo? Seems kind of vintage now, but it’s still around – and attempting to profit off of its usefulness factor (aside from fantasy sports): Q&A. Yahoo Answers Now is a new app for mobile that, like its parent site Yahoo Answers – lets users ask, answer and view questions about pretty much everything under the sun. This will challenge other Q&A apps like Quora and Jelly. Mobile-friendly is always a good move, in our opinion. Moreover, we believe that there are still highly relevant lead generation opportunities in answering buyer-seller questions online, like we previously built with the consumer-to-agent platform Two by Fore. We live in a world where professionals lose out if they can’t provide the answers to the questions that arise during consumer interaction. Real Estate professionals should take note of Yahoo’s nod to the importance of online reputation, and integrate that into their marketing.

5. The Highlights of Your Twitter Career: Now On Mobile

Twitter’s new-ish storytelling feature has finally jumped on the mobile bandwagon. Twitter Moments, for the unacquainted, lets users create a “story” with a personally curated collection of tweets, images and videos uploaded to the app. Moving the Moments feature to mobile makes it way simpler to create a story than it was via desktop, which is potentially why it hasn’t really caught  on up until now. Real estate agents: Moments is a great way to create an expertly curated brand showcase – your best listings, your achievements, and meetings with you favourite clients (get that referral business!). Your social media highlights don’t need to disappear into the ether, show them off!

6. Vocal is the Newest Money-For-Hits Blogging Platform

Tech and media company Jerrick Media just launched Vocal – a platform for six blogging verticals: OMNI (science, technology and sci-fi), Geeks (pop and gaming culture), Longevity (health and wellness), Journal (work life), Filthy (sex and sexuality), and Potent (cannabis culture). Vocal characterizes itself as “as a hub for in-depth yet digestible stories.” The point of the platform is to help writers get paid for writing… as long as they write click-worthy stuff. Writers get paid dependent on quantity of page views – the people’s choice! We think the key vertical missing from this list is – you guessed it – real estate. What should they call it? Tweet @ us with your ideas.

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