This Week in Social Media News (December 31 – January 7th)

Happy 2017 marketers, social media buffs and real estate pros! After a short hiatus (but with our holiday edition to tide you over) we’re back with our weekly social media news and clever advertising roundup. Two by Fore Interactive is already starting this year off with a bang, with a bunch of new clients and lots of exciting branding and digital marketing work – we hope your new year is looking similarly rife with potential.

This week we look into Periscope’s foray into virtual reality, 2016’s hottest image app, your new home robot, the secret to marketing to Gen Z and what to look out for at CES this weekend.


1. The Future of Tech is Happening Now

CES – Consumer Electronics Show – also known as the most important tech innovation convention in the world, is happening this weekend. CES is held yearly in Las Vegas, and is the site where the newest and shiniest tech innovations (in everything from headphones to drones) are unveiled to the world – ready or not! We’ll feature a special roundup of CES 2017’s “Best Of” next week, but for now we’re keeping our eyes glued on Vegas, and suggest you do the same!

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing

Smart agents know the future (and present) is digital, and that technology has everything to do with real estate. Keeping up with tech innovations is crucial to not only being successful in how you market properties better than the next guy or gal, but also how you position yourself as an innovator. Real estate is changing fast, and being fluent in digital will make you more impressive than ever.


2. Periscope Lives Up To Its Name & Introduces 360 Vision

Twitter’s live video streaming app Periscope dips its toes in virtual reality with its new feature: Live 360 Video. This move into the more interactive format is a step in the same direction as its social media compatriots, most of whom are also heading towards more immersive social media interactions and user controlled video. When you watch a 360 Live Periscope video, you can change your point of view in order to see what’s going on from all sides.

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing

To be frank, perhaps not a whole lot. As our frequent readers know, we strongly advocate for Facebook over Twitter when it comes to real estate marketing. And since Facebook has long had 360 Live video, this is a bit of a shrug. However, if you’ve embraced Twitter into your marketing strategy, jumping into the video game is now more compelling on Twitter than ever before.


3. The Secret to Millennial and Gen Z Marketing?!? Hide Your Ads Well

Millennials and Generation Z are supposedly apathetic when it comes to marketing – so used to the presence of ads that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better. Billboards are not the way into the hearts and minds of today’s youth (but you knew that, right?). So when Adweek and Survata collaborated on a just-published survey to see how so-called “young people” a.k.a. degenerates (kidding, speaking as one) use and see Instagram and Snapchat, the results came as no surprise. The gist? This audience has a hard time differentiating between content and ads, or perhaps Instagram and Snapchat have just been way more successful at blurring those lines than Facebook and Twitter. Oh, and Snapchat is “cooler” than Instagram.

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing

Agents, we’re frequently lauding the benefits of getting on Snapchat if you’re looking to speak to first-time home buyers. While Snap is racing ahead with many innovative ad offerings, Instagram is no slouch either. And did you know you can easily make your Facebook ads also appear on Instagram in one go? Expect the rise of both Snapchat and Instagram as more impactful advertising platforms in 2017.


4. Kuri the Robot is More Domestic R2D2 Than Siri

Mayfield Robotics just introduced the world to a home robot named Kuri (yes, pronounced like the yummy food) – a “buddy bot”. He’s a bit like a floating penguin, a little bit Pixar, a little Playmobil, a little Star Wars and overall just really cute. But unlike other robots, this little guy’s loaded with artificial intelligence. While he seemingly has the smarts of the Amazon Echo, he’s different in that he’s a “companion first, and an assistant second.” Kuri does the stuff you ask him to do – turn the music and lights on and off, play podcasts, etc. – but is also designed to be a pleasant and calming presence in the home. So shake off your dystopian shivers, get rid of your hamster, and get yourself a Kuri – if only to give your child a smarter AI playmate.

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing

You know how you are looking for assistance leading that dreaded open house on your Saturday afternoon? Well, it might not be long til Kuri is a home guide. While not ready to replace you just yet, Kuri would certainly make an open house tour memorable.


5. Fam Finally Brings Some Needed Functionality to iMessage

Fam – trendily named after the Gen Z slang word for a person or persons you feel a kinship with – is a group video chatting app that has just been built into iMessage. Group video chat has long been one of iMessage’s most requested features. The fact that Apple is using a 3rd party to do this for them, as opposed to just doing it themselves, means Apple is a laggard – again.

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing

2017 will be a huge year for messaging. We’re already encouraging many of our clients to replace that Call Me button with a Message Me one. This is yet another reason to jump on the messaging bandwagon, as conversions are typically way higher than through email.


6. Prisma Shoots For Instagram, Lands Sort of Nearby

You know those images of your friends that look like Van Gogh painted them, or maybe Dali? Those were made on Prisma, the app determined to become more than just a filter. The photo app has just announced their bid to become a social network itself. With the addition of “Profile” and “Feed” features, the app lets you share the images you create with the app with other users within the app itself, as opposed to on other social networks (where they have previously been shared). Facebook cut the company off at the knees, however, when they stopped letting the app add live filters to the social network.

What This Means For Real Estate Marketing

While we think Prisma is a little too quirky for most real estate applications, it might just be the thing for some.


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